pie's Directory of Literature
  1.   baby sapir-whorf
the world is what you speak, baby sees

2.   god's story
                                      only he knows he is god that even god does not know

 3.    punkin
                                      punks graduate from high school take a wild ride only to find
                                      mama at the end & red plastic hearts, when Hole leads the farts

 4 . the train man
                                      a tourist on a train in japan suffers a stroke that shows him exactly
                                      who he is

 5.  once upon an occidental time

                                       returning home from southeast asia, a man finds it is only in childhood
                                       that love is forever real

 6.   shock

                                      a great movie star, penny gales, finds herself at the end of her life,
                                      where the prize is a gigolo, an old hallucinogenic fan, & a private eye
                                      who finds truth in a tijuana nightmare

7.   balian                       balian, knight of the last Crusade, amidst murder, torture and riches,
                                      a life lost in fury and memory, is seized with a glance into the ineffable

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